People not to everyone from students too young professionals and retires that’s the plan. With the universities the house or a decent retirement. To do consider this you have to decide what to do with your money? What are the options you could put it under the mattress, deposited at the bank either karma council saving accounts for investors.

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The reason you put money aside is to make it grow over time. So how well do these three options do this. You know nothing will happen to money if you put it under a mattress. Days weeks even years later to have exactly the same amount, so the mattress options doesn’t make your money growth in fact any time it makes is shrink. How is that possible it’s the same amount of money wasn’t it? Yes but what advised isn’t the same every time prices go up. That’s called inflation, so in the future you actually get less about touches money and he was today.

Part Two


So what about keeping the money in your current accountable putting it into a saving account. In both cases the bank a pays you investments that’s the good news. However most bank accounts pay barely growth rate of interest blowing up at the time it might not keep up with inflation. So why not falling behind this prosecuted mattress you’re really not getting ahead either. And then I did getting ahead is precisely the idea behind investing. Crowd purposes investing means putting money into a financial asset to do you expect will be generate income or increase in value or both. If all goes well deacon and sell that assets at a higher price after a certain period of time of course.

Part Three


The difference between a man who invests an inaccuracy is called every time. Investments are far higher potential returns and bank accounts because the value of your investment can go down as well as up. But remember even in the bank where your money’s safe you can still lose value because of inflation by contrast when you invest there’s a far greater potential for games annual ever like to seen in a savings account. Back in a nutshell is why people invest has a wide range of financial assets available to investors please include assets which historically has been able to outpace inflation of the multi year and multi decade.

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